‘As a  cashmere lover, I never could find the right jumper. It was either too plain, too boring or too fussy, the shape not right and most important of all - too expensive.  So I decided to create my own beautiful cashmere, with a detail , a twist, a nod to fashion - and always under £200.’ says Marielle Wyse, the eponymous founder of www.wyselondon.co.uk

Her stunning and highly wearable collection features details that range from gold lurex threading, to rainbow stripes, to metallic leather stars and sequins. Marielle continues;  ’Nothing plain, nothing ordinary.  Something that makes people ask where your jumper is from.  The success and reaction has been so great, and the feedback fantastic.’

We met with Marielle to find out a little more about Wyse, the inspiration behind the products and what lies in store for the brand.

How did the idea for Wyse come about?
I live in cashmere sweaters and jeans, but got fed up with spending too much money on high end fashion cashmere (which I did far too often).  I could never find exactly what I wanted,  it was either too plain and ordinary or too expensive and fussy.  I wanted something cool, in a good shape, in an easy to wear colour and with a little something that took it out of the ordinary.  My surname is Wyse and I have been waiting all this time to find a way to use it - at last !!!!

What defines the Wyse style?
My mother is French so I am very influenced by French style.  They somehow just get it right.  It's always just a little thing, just a twist, just a nod.  Never OTT and always understated.  So I would define the Wyse style as cool, easy to wear, with a nod to fashion and always very stylish.  Never ever a slave to fashion.

What has been the high point for you and the brand?
Gosh there have been so many and in such a short period of time!  I did a big fair at Olympia and was literally mobbed, I had to walk away and luckily had three lovely ladies totally in control of the stand.  For me though the high point is throughout - it's the lovely emails/comments I get from people saying how much they love their jumper, how much they have worn it, and how many compliments they have had.  In a selfish sort of way, It makes me feel great to make someone feel good.  That is definitely without doubt the best part of it!

What are your wardrobe essentials?
Wyse London obviously - goes in the wool wash beautifully and teams perfectly with jeans.  I love my Sally jean by Ba&sh (a French brand) - a sort of cross between a carpenter and skinny jean.  Cargo pants/jeans from Zara (why pay more!), trainers from New balance for J crew or Golden Goose, bags by Aurora London and Jerome Dreyfuss... Basically, throw it on and go!  Life is very busy for me right now (not to mention my two teenagers!)

What is next for the Wyse brand
T shirts with lurex threading, striped t shirts, rainbow striped cashmere joggers, lighter weight cashmere, menswear, kids wear, nightwear... So much is in the pipeline. It’s an exciting time for the brand.

To view the complete stunning cashmere collection at Wyse, head to their website http://www.wyselondon.co.uk/

Wyse has one lurex sweatshirt to give away. All you have to do to enter is to send an e-mail entitled WYSE to [email protected]. Simples!

*A winner will be drawn at random on Friday 18th March 2016 and be sent a lurex sweatshirt of their choice (availability dependent)