Choi Time, the award winning Chinese tea specialist, was founded by Melissa Choi in 2002. Born to a Chinese father and living half of her life in Hong Kong, teas have always played a huge part of her life.

With her Chinese heritage, Melissa is able to ethically source the highest quality specialty teas directly from tea growers in China. All her teas not only taste delicious they also look beautiful in both presentation and packaging. 

Now living in London, Melissa has successfully created one of the most exclusive tea brands on the market. The collection, includes Jasmine Green Tea pearls, Damask Rose Buds, Wild Green Tea, Green Oolong and various dramatic giant flowering tea bulbs which explode like an underwater garden when infused with hot water. 

Choi Time teas are award winning and exclusively available in  luxury retailers (Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Partridges and Whole Foods to name but a few).

How did the idea for Choi Time come about?

I grew up in Hong Kong to a Chinese father, so tea has always been a huge part of my life. We drank tea every day and several cups of it, I remember drinking jasmine green tea at the age of 3!

When I went backpacking I always had my Chinese teas with me. When I came to London, 18 years ago, I use to give friends as gifts Chinese teas in a traditional Chinese tea caddie. Everyone loved it and said I should be selling them. It was after a soiree that I organized for talented and creative friends that a journalist friend came along and asked to write about the teas. The article featured in a major weekend supplement and with all the interest I got, I realized that I just may have a business. It was all by accident and has grown very organically since then. 

What defines Choi Time?

Award-winning Chinese specialty teas that are packed full of health benefits and are beautifully packed. Ethically sourced from small producers in the rich tea growing regions of China.

What has been the high point for you and the brand? 

Achieving 26 great taste awards over my 13 tea products and being stocked at Harrods for the last nine years. 

What are your wardrobe essentials?

Jumpsuits and/or boyfriend jeans, trainers and my Aurora London handbag- I’ve got the metallic and the turquoise both of which I love! 

What is next for the brand?

I’ve been concentrating on my young family for the last 5 years. My girls will both have the same hours as of September which will allow me to put more of my energy into expanding the brand and products in both the UK and abroad.

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* Excludes postage. Discount applicable until 31st August 2017