Perfect skin is a bit of an obsession of ours. Like most, we are fully aware of the benefits of nano-technology and cosmeceuticals, but a consultation with facialist Kate Kerr was all it took to understand why we are all too often disappointed by product and treatment efficacy.

For almost two decades Kate has specialised in skin therapy and rejuvenation. Her experience has contributed to two UK Aesthetic ‘Top Clinic’ awards. On entering her pristine white clinic, we expected the usual mantra – protect the skin against the sun, drink water, refrain from frowning. What surprised us was the sheer simplicity of Kate’s approach, the way she encouraged us to revise our skincare routines. Kate has a unique insight into the synergy between the medical and aesthetic aspects of skin treatment. This appreciation helps in the way she designs client treatment and home care programmes.

After an initial consultation and treatment, our skin felt lighter, plumper, considerably less dull and tired looking. A week later and our skin is far less congested than ever before thanks to new skincare regimes with products that pack a real punch.

We asked Kate for her top skincare tips….

What are the best preventative measures for skin ageing?

Everyone ages differently and at varying rates. SPF 50, vitamin C and vitamin A derivatives form the basis of anti-ageing prevention, but much more can be done

1. Regular clinical anti-ageing facials and collagen inducing procedures (advanced skin peels and micro-needling) are important to encourage your skin to help itself. 2. To really help prevent skin ageing a complete holistic approach is required. This is what motivated me to launch the revolutionary FutureSkin DNA Programme which takes anti-ageing to new levels by specifically targeting the way in which you as an individual are destined to age, based on the results of a DNA test. For more information please see

What is the best way to revitalise dull skin?

To keep skin looking fresh and bright it is important to increase cellular renewal and remove dead skin build up via

1. Regular exfoliation 2. Clinical facials 3. Lymphatic drainage massage 4. Professionally prescribed cosmeceutical products

Other ways to help fight dull skin include getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and a following balanced low GI diet.

What is the best method to eliminate dark eye circles?

There are many reasons why people suffer with dark under eye circles, so it’s imperative to identify the root cause. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as having a few early nights.

Thin skin, hyper-pigmentation, loss of subcutaneous fat, medication and genetics can all be the cause of dark under eye circles.

Possible treatment for these issues include the use of vitamin K eye creams, skin lightening ingredients and hyaluronic acid fillers.

What is the best way to minimise pores?

It is important to understand the cause. At Kate Kerr London we recommend regular clinical facials, with extensive extraction, complemented by targeted cosmeceutical skincare products. To kick-start collagen production and improve texture I recommend a course of advanced skin peels or micro-needling.

What is the best way to deal with adult acne?

Unfortunately acne isn't just a teenage affliction. It is extremely important when treating acne to target all its contributing factors (increased oil production, sluggish cell turnover, acne bacteria and inflammation).

Professional skin care targeting acne’s four contributing factors, regular Advanced Acne Facials with extensive extractions and lymphatic drainage massage, or specialised skin peels form the basis of our treatments.

What is the best way to exfoliate skin and how often should we do it?

I believe in using a daily cleanser containing a chemical exfoliant, such as glycolic or salicylic acid. This helps to gently dissolve away the 'glue' that holds together the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin as well as exfoliating within the pores,. A regular facial at Kate Kerr London will provide a thorough exfoliation, often using a gentle skin peel, to further enhance your exfoliating process.

What should we be looking for in products when we buy them?

It is important to use reputable cosmeceutical brands that have a high concentration of active ingredients which can penetrate down to the desired level of skin.

Your skin care regime should be based around four fundamental elements: prevention, correction, hydration and protection.

What is next for skincare- new trends?

Through advances in science, a more targeted approach to your skin health and anti-ageing is now possible based on your individual DNA. Advancing beyond the previous 'one size fits all' approach

My industry leading FutureSkin DNA Programme ensures you are prescribed skincare which is specific to you, taking individual anti-ageing treatment to new heights.

This programme uses an Advanced DNA test to diagnose how you are genetically destined to age and then treating it with a 5 step holistic approach. This targeted approach saves you both time and money. Twitter @katekerrlondon Instagram @katekerrlondon_facialist