The difference between style and fashion is quality. The space between cheap and expensive is affordable luxury.

Shirley Yanez, founder of Venus Cow, is a passionate social entrepreneur with a deep commitment to UK textiles and British manufacturing.

After making her own fortune as a financial headhunter in the City of London, losing millions on the stock market in 2000, she found happiness without money through self therapy following a near death experience. She has been offering free life coaching since 2005.

After a 10 year climb back to success and frustrated by a lack of affordable, ethical, high quality staple clothing she designed her own collection for every woman.

The Venus Cow Collection includes her flagship trademarked product the PBL, perfect black leggings.

1. How did the idea for Venus Cow come about (what inspired the name in particular)?
Venus Cow translates to "Beautiful Woman" I wanted to come up with a brand name that was unique and mirrored quality style and affordable luxury "Venus" has long been associated with beauty and cows, sacred in many parts of the world represent every woman.

2. Your life story is formidable how did that help shape Venus Cow
When you reach the bottom you discover inner strength and natural power that helps float you back to the top. Having made millions once before as a top city of London headhunter I knew I had what it takes to do it again but this time I had something special - I had found my purpose. Before making money was all about greed, now it is more about waking up every day, working at what I love, saving British manufacturing and offering free life coaching to the homeless and addicted.

3. What makes the Venus Cow PBL so special and how did you develop this?
The beauty of any luxury product is all about quality. It took two years using the finest cotton yarn and elastane to develop the unique PBL 2 way stretch fabric. Most other black leggings on the market are renowned for being see through, saggy and giving very little comfortable support on a more mature body and for any woman with weight issues. The PBL is generously cut to come high enough above the hips to hug you with no slip but not leave you feeling like a sausage in a skin. We don't profess to be a "slimming pant" the PBL is all about affordable luxury high quality cotton comfort that moulds to your body shape from tall to small to plus size to petite.

4. Who is the PBL Woman?
The PBL is every woman's essential staple garment. In my TV ad I chose to use ordinary women, my customers across the age range 16-60 with real bodies size 6 to 22. The PBL is for mothers to get their daughters in something that flatters and you cannot see through, for grandmothers who don't want to give upon style and are constantly left out by the high st and everybody in between. The PBL works from school or the office to the gym to a night out and comes under the banner all wear for all women.

5. What’s next for the brand
I have just trademarked my PBL perfect black leggings globally and with the new luxury cotton bra top and black staple long sleeve T I intend to take on other markets in other countries like the USA, Australia and the Middle East. Pretty much every woman on the planet owns a pair of black leggings and most women complain that they are inferior, don't fit well, don't last or cannot be worn outside of the gym so I believe I have come up with the solution that will allow me to sell millions whilst at the same time help save the world by getting free talk therapy available for anyone who needs it in the moment.

6. As a life coach what are top tips for a happy balanced life?
We are all so busy looking outward for the answers to happiness. I am living proof that happiness comes from gratitude and having a second chance to put things right in my life, something most people don't experience or ever tackle, making me an expert. I used to drink to forget, smoke because everybody else did, eat for comfort and shop for a high, all of which left me homeless penniless and dying. These days I forget to drink, don't smoke because I'm grateful for my lungs, eat a healthy balanced vegetarian diet because we are what we eat and shopping has become my savvy clever way of sourcing recycled designer couture castoffs discarded by shopaholics just like I used to be. I do this in charity shops & consignment stores where I know my money is being used to do good I am reducing landfill & giving a second life to quality pieces made to last for ever, a positive high.

My top tip, we all have the inner strength to achieve our goals but until you stop and take some time to reflect, reprogram and change bad habits into good habits what you believe to be happiness will turn out to be self harming in the end.

We have partnered with Venus Cow to offer three lucky readers the chance to win a pair of the Venus Cow PBL. Simply email your name and details to [email protected]

Five winners will be chosen at random on Friday 22 July 2016.