Make a FRESH START with a new approach to fitness

January is the ideal time of the year to create fitness objectives. But how can we ensure that we stay motivated?

‘It’s all about visualisation’ according to Grace Hann, one of three dedicated personal trainers at Marylebone Village Fitness . This boutique well-being and beauty studio located in the heart of Marylebone has all the cosy feel of a private members club without the membership! It’s the ideal place to kick start and commit to your 2016 health and fitness aspirations.

We met up with Grace to hear her five top wellness tips for 2016…

Grace’s 5 Top Tips for a healthy January

#1 Hydration, hydration and more hydration
It's time to cut out those fizzy drinks and start adding more water into your day. Hydration delivers more energy, aids weight loss, improves stamina, alertness and bodily functions in general. Thirst is often masked as hunger, which if addressed can go some way towards helping us curb over-eating. Try replacing your favourite citrus fizzy drink with sparkling water, a few slices of lemon, lime or both and a dash of stevia; a 100% natural, calorie free and low carb sweetener.

#2 Motivation and adherence
It could be Zumba, HIIT, weight training, swimming or walking, but whatever it is, find something you enjoy and stick to it! Sticking to your regime is far easier if you enjoy what you are doing. Don't forget variety is key! Doing more than one type of exercise will help keep things interesting and your body will respond well to the varied challenges placed on it.

#3 Be realistic
The average person, aiming to lose a little excess Christmas holiday weight can expect to safely lose only about 1lb of body fat per week when done correctly.  So don't be in a hurry but start your weight loss gradually and sensibly. You should always try to maintain muscle mass while dieting by incorporating strength training exercises into your routine at least twice weekly.

#4 Step off the scales!
Steer clear of the scales and obsessive monitoring. Although gaining weight can often happen overnight, the reverse is not quite so swift, so forget jumping on the scales every day. You know how your clothes feel and fit your body and you can see how you look in the mirror, so let this be your guide.

#5 Smart food choices
Don't get too extreme. Diets are unnecessary as often all that is needed is a gradual realignment of habits that have understandably gone awry during the festive season. You don't need to make massive changes or worse; start following a fad diet that encourages rapid weight loss with no possibility of sustaining the results long term. Plenty of fresh fibrous fruit and vegetables, lean protein and complex carbs is a good start. Try eating foods as close to their natural state and enjoy occasional treats- the deprivation diet never solves anything!