Primrose Hill Candles was founded in 2013 by Susan Quick and Helen Cutt. Like most Londoners Susan and Helen are not from London! Susan is from Louisiana and Helen is from Cape Town. They both worked in NYC before following their hearts and settling down in London to marry Englishmen.

Helen and Susan always loved scented candles but resented the high prices demanded by luxury brands. They saw a gap in the market for more affordable, guilt-free luxury candles to enjoy at home- not just to buy as a gift. This led to an intensive candle-making course and lots of practice which eventually produced the perfect candle!

When it came to choosing a name, they’d already fallen in love with the pretty, urban village of Primrose Hill which stylishly embodies London’s eclectic mix of people. Standing on top of the hill, you can take in London’s panoramic view with all its history and romance. They now have clients all over the country who buy their candles not only to enjoy the delicious scents, but as a memento of one of London’s iconic beauty spots.

What makes our candles different from any others?
We feel Primrose Hill Candles offer a bit of well-deserved, affordable luxury. At Primrose Hill Candles we have learnt exactly what people want from a candle. We use soy wax, which doesn’t emit the black soot produced by paraffin wax.   Toxin-free soy wax is environmentally friendly, renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral. We fill the votive candles up generously adding a high percentage of scent. As a small company we are extremely flexible and love to accommodate individual requirements and local businesses. For example, we recently helped vintage clothing company ‘Juno Says Hello’ to develop its new scent and we produced its candles. We worked with a well-known Hampstead Osteopath up in Hampstead to create a customized scent for her clinic. We also provide candles and diffusers to the famous Groucho Club in Soho.

What new scents are in the Primrose Hill pipeline?
 We recently added a romantic scent, perfect for the loved ones in your life! It is a beautiful and captivating blend of Gardenia, cardamom, tuberose and sandalwood. Our new Spring scent Japanese Cherry Blossom, is a well-rounded blend of the iconic pink cherry blossom and fragrant mimosa petals, with warm base notes of vanilla and oriental woods. Not only does it smell divine but it really promises that Spring is finally on its way!

Are you planning on expanding your product line?
Our popular, stylish diffusers sold incredibly well over Christmas. We narrowed the scents down to our three best sellers: Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Pomegranate Noir and Fig. We enjoy keeping an eye on worldwide fashion trends and new concepts to keep the Primrose Hill range fresh and exciting while maintaining strict standards of production.

What tips do you have on choosing the right candle and scent?
Choosing a candle scent now is like choosing your perfect perfume or aftershave. Firstly, which scent group attracts you the most? Floral, Oriental, citrus or woody?   Scents are very seasonal so for Winter we love a warming candle like Fig or Pomegranate Noir. Our citrus candles, Mimosa and Lime Basil Mandarin are ideal for Spring, and the floral scents like English Rose and White Jasmine are simply gorgeous in Summer.   Lavender and Amber is perfect for relaxing. If you are buying a candle for a dinner party, remember that taste and smell are very closely connected so we’d suggest a delicate scent like Sandalwood Musk, nothing too strong.

Where is the best place to put a candle in your home?
Make sure candles are kept away from drafts, as this will shorten their burning time. Depending on the style of your living room, candles can add light, opulence, serenity and ambiance. A lovely pair of matching candles will add symmetry and style to a fireplace surround, favourite table or special piece of furniture. We love to burn “foodie” candles like Cranberry and Crème Brulee in the kitchen as well.

How to make the most of your candle?
Once you’ve chosen the right scent, a few rules will ensure a seamless ambience. First, establish a "memory burn" on a new candle, burning it for at least two hours or until the surface completely liquefies. This will help to avoid tunneling at the wax core. Keep wicks no more than ¼ of an inch, to ensure long burning.

What candles are you burning in your homes right now?
Helen enjoys Sandalwood and Musk in our home. She loves the welcoming, warm notes of caramelized amber and honeyed sweet white musk. Susan likes to change scents often but is currently loving the calming effects of Lavender and Amber. We find burning candles at home helps to de-stress and to lift the mood.

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