School summer holidays are just around the corner. With this in mind, we met with Maggie Bolger, one of the founders of Maggie & Rose, THE original Family Member’s Club.

Founded in 2007, the Clubs aim to provide a ‘home away from home’ environment that can be equally enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike. Maggie & Rose like to think of themselves as a one stop destination – a place where you can spend an entire day enjoying a meal with friends, burning off energy in the soft play or terrace areas, and being inspired in their industry leading classes covering cooking, art, music and dance.

They provide a new style of family life, the perfect base in which to create memories that will last a lifetime.

How did the idea for Maggie & Rose come about?

I had 3 children in quick succession and I suddenly realised that everywhere I was taking them for activities was lacking in inspiration - in décor, in the activities and in parental satisfaction! I quickly decided to change that for myself. I conducted classes in a local studio, which led to me meeting Rose and coming up with the idea for the Club. We knew we wanted a place to enjoy family time together, something that appealed to both parents and children. Everything has traditionally been aimed solely at kids, with very little thought put into the experience – plastic play areas which give most grown–ups a headache. We set out to create a calm and creative space that everyone loves coming to.

What makes the Maggie & Rose offering so unique?

I think its because we do cater for both kids and parents, and that is still a scarcity to this day.  Every detail – from the décor to the food to the class structures, are all tailored to make both age groups feel involved and satisfied with our offerings.  We love that parents can enjoy a prosecco whilst kids make new friends!

What is the brand’s greatest achievement to date?

Expansion from 1 club to 3 in 9 years!  I knew we had found a niche back when we opened Kensington, I just never imagined that the word would spread globally.  Members moved on and wherever they went all we heard was “we need you in our lives over here in East London/Sydney/Hong Kong!”

What is the next step for the brand?

We have so many ideas for where we would like to take the brand – definitely more clubs are on the horizon, we have also designed a furniture range and are looking into other design aspects including paints and wallpaper!  We like to keep busy!

Finally, maggie has four kids, runs a hugely successful business and yet still manages to look sensational. What are Maggie’s beauty and style routine/secrets? I have to have a quick and simple routine really!  Cleanse, splash on moisturiser, tinted moisturiser or BB cream and mascara and lipgloss.   As I am getting older products that work really do matter…I use cowshed and bare minerals as my go-to for pretty much everything as  they are all natural and work with my skin. Body tips - a good epilady is essential for when you can’t get to a salon for a wax! And a good fake tan is a must for cellulite coverage and general body pick me up

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