Annie Auerbach is co-founder of Cultural Intelligence at Flamingo, a global brand and insight agency. Cultural Intelligence specialises in tracking trends and emergent ideas to help brands grab a bigger share of the cultural conversation. She left Oxford University with a degree in Modern History, went to Brighton where she wrote an arts column for the local paper and watched a lot of bad experimental dance. Back in London she was a journalist and teen magazine editor.

At Flamingo, she works on youth, technology, beauty and gender projects and is off to SXSW Festival in March to talk about Fashion and Privacy.

She lives in Queens Park in London with her husband, two daughters and her Yorkshire Terrier.

Twitter @annieauerbach

1. What do you love about Aurora London?
The simplicity of the design, the chic products, the gorgeous colours. I’m never without my willow bag – it holds my life!

2. How would you best describe your fashion style?
I love the Parisienne messy-chic look. A typical outfit is black skinny jeans, linen T, ankle boots, thin gold chain, and a cross shoulder bag. Caroline de Maigret’s style is gorgeous.

3. What beauty product(s) can’t you live without?
I’m a fan of Eve Lom cleaner, but I’ve recently discovered the Clarisonic and it makes a really noticeable difference. I also love Charlotte Tilbury’s products, her eyeliners don't budge and her magic cream is exactly that!

4. What is your favourite read?
Twitter is a great source of interesting articles - I follow quite a diverse bunch because I need to track ideas and cultural debates for my job. The Atlantic is one of my favourites for long reads. The Sunday Times Style is my treat on the weekend.

5. Who or what inspires you the most?
My husband and my daughters – they’re smart, funny and kind. I’ve also started running and I feel clarity and inspiration when I run.

6. How did you get into your job?
Quite randomly. I was an Editor of a teen online magazine and wanted to write about teens rather than for them. I asked friends which insight companies they rated and Flamingo was one of them. They were looking for a teen / digital specialist at the time which was serendipitous. Now I work for the Cultural Intelligence practise – we track shifts, trends and emergent ideas to help brands grab a bigger share of the cultural conversation.

7. What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?
My dad used to write me notes before school exams with two acronyms: RTQC and SITTB! (‘read the question carefully’ and ‘sock it to them baby!’). Both still apply to pretty much any stressful situation!

8. If you weren’t doing what you were doing, what would you be?
I’d really like to do a This American Life for the UK. I’d love to research and present a radio documentary but I hate my voice on the answer machine so think it’s a pipe dream!

9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
A mixture of Paris, San Francisco, the Hampshire countryside and London. Is that allowed?

10. Is there something people don’t know about you…
Possibly but I think it will stay that way!