Make It Mine

Personalise your product and make it bespoke with our Make It Mine monogramming service.
The majority of our leather goods can be gold foil embossed with up to three initials or three letter words.

Gold Foil Embossing

Gold foil is hot-stamped in to the leather. Please note that due to the textured surface of our grained leathers small breaks may appear in the foil stamping.
Gold foil stamping will fade with age or when rubbed against other surfaces.

Gold Foil on Smooth


Gold Foil on Grained


Gold Foil on Metallic


Embossing Specifications:

  • Upper case letters only. We do not have full stops or any grammatical signs.
  • All letters will be evenly spaced and are the same size. However, some letters may appear to look slightly different in size due to their shape containing angles and curves.
  • Letters are approximately 8mm in height.
  • Your chosen initials are placed top-centre of all handbags and middle-centre of the heart shaped key charm.

Just a few things to bear in mind with our Make It Mine Monogramming

  • Please allow up to five working days for your item to be monogrammed.
  • Items that have been monogrammed cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • Do double check your initials and monogramming preferences before placing the order – we are not responsible for any typographical mistakes or incorrect embossing selection.