Caring For Your Products

At Aurora London we believe passionately in sourcing and using the best quality materials we can find for all of our products.

A little bit of wear and tear is, in our opinion, a sign that a product is loved and enjoyed. However we appreciate that you will want to protect your items and keep them looking as good as possible for as long as possible. Here’s what we recommend:


Our leather skins have been tanned specifically for your product and all have different characteristics. Over time you may see creasing or colour changes, all of which are natural features of leather. If leather is consistently exposed to harsh light, the product may experience some fading, so we recommend that you store your product in its dustbag. Please keep all leather items out of the heat and away from water as this may cause the leather to stain or to transpire over clothes/materials.


All letters are evenly spaced. However, some letters may appear to have less even spaces (due to the shape of some letters containing angles and curves). Letters are approximately 8mm in height. Please note, that due to the textured surface of our grained leathers, small breaks may appear in the foil stamping. Gold foil stamping may fade with age or when rubbed against other surfaces, scratched or if it comes in to contact with heat or chemicals including perfume. As leather is a natural product and can vary from piece to piece, the gold foil takes differently to each piece and this can also affect its longevity.

Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes are delicate and may wear a little when worn with dark fabrics or in wet conditions.